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Can i have dinner at the fenix food factory?

In the Fenix Food Factory you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Can i make a reservation?

You can't. If you are with a large group of people our advice is to contact www.zaakachtrotterdam.nl. 

May i bring my dog?


But keep other costumers and all the shops in consideration.

Am i allowed to take pictures?

For the most recents updates, check our Facebookpagina.

Are you open on holidays?

A tour taks 30 minutes and ends with a snack and a drink. You book a tour through info@zaakachtrotterdam.nl. The costs are 10,- per person with a minimum of 100,-


Do you give tours?

Yes and no.
We can take in to account most allergies or dietary requirments but, becaus a lot is produced locally, including wheat, you will have to assesst yourself wheather or not you can eat and drink at the Fenix Food Factory. This is therefor at your own risk. There are also plenty of optiens for vegetarians.

Are there any options for people with allergies or special diets?

Can't find your question? please contact us through our facebookpage and we'll answer as soon as possible.